The Jewish chanteuse was among the first in a new wave of female folk-rock musicians to emerge in a trend that would later include Jewel and Alanis Morissette; she is known for her trademark cat-eyed glasses, sexy-brainy image and wistful lyrics about ambivalent lovers.As she awkwardly begins looking for love on her TV show, she seems as lost as a character from one of her songs.

"She is Everywoman with a lot more exposure," the New York Post said in one of the show's early reviews (those perused by The Journal have been positive).

"Single" captures the contrast between Loeb's perky, retro '60s look and her melancholy lyrics; her pop-diva image and her passion for Judaism.

In one scene, she breezily rifles through the funky short skirts in her closet to find a modest outfit to visit Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the popular but controversial author of "Kosher Sex" and "Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments." At his Shabbat dinner table, she appreciates his probing questions but is taken aback when a guest appears shocked upon learning her age.

When she is at home in Studio City, she regularly attends Ohr Ha Torah, a traditional yet progressive synagogue that emphasizes interpreting text.

It's a perfect fit for Loeb, whose songs tend "to be very analytical; to ask questions and to over-question," she says.

She uses the same technique to find a husband on "Single," which is smarter and quirkier than E!

's usual celebrity fare or cheesy reality shows, such as "The Bachelorette." "Lisa is an Ivy League-educated, nice Jewish girl from Dallas, who happens to be in the public eye,'" producer Daniel Laikind told the Sacramento Bee.

The eight-episode series chronicles the 37-year-old's odyssey to find a suitable husband and father for her future children, after finding herself single for the first time in more than a decade.

1 Single," which premiered last week, singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb hesitantly typed her personal profile into an online matchmaking service.

Since cameras began rolling last fall, they've captured her nice (and not so nice) dates, her efforts to stay out of the gossip columns -- even a doctor's visit to check out her biological clock.

Because several episodes remain to be shot this winter, the outcome of Loeb's efforts remains unknown.