Thai women are popular with Western men and vice versa.

Another common story is that the man went with many other women or left his wife when she was pregnant.

In Thailand, white skin is considered as more beautiful than dark skin. Another reason is that Western people are rich in the eyes of Thai women, because a plane ticket from most western countries to Thailand cost 3 average monthly salaries to them and a western salary of a construction worker in the Europe is twice as high as the salary of a Thai manager.

Most billboards show people with white colored skin and a majority of the skin care products have a whitener additive. Furthermore, there is a surplus of women in Thailand and a portion of the men are transsexual or gay.

So there is a large group of Thai women that can’t find a man.

There are multiple reasons why Western men are popular with Thai women. In comparison to the western male, they are often poorly educated or unemployed.

Thai women represent 70% of the higher educated people in Thailand.

The Western man has a better reputation on these points.

Many Thai women who divorced their Thai husband say they felt like they had to do all the family work on their own.

Thai women are known world-wide for their good and bad qualities; the bad qualities usually dominate.

Most Western men who meet a Thai woman will meet her during a holiday in a tourist area.

It are especially the tourist areas that attract thousands of Thai women who are going with a Western man for financial reasons, most often to provide money for their family.