"The boss orchestrated it and when the boss got caught, Spano was an easy target to blame,” Milano said."If you say he did it, people's first reaction will be to believe it." Shvartshteyn, the London Cleaners' owner for 30 years, denied any role in the scheme."This could not be further from the truth,” he said.

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He posted $50,000 bond and was released the same day.

The case is assigned to Lake County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Gibson, who has not yet set the next court date.

Spano did not respond to messages left at his house or on his cellphone.

"We are aware that he has two prior federal convictions that resulted in federal prison terms that had charges of a deceptive nature,” said Alexandra Kutz, a Lake County, Ohio, assistant prosecuting attorney who is working on the Spano case.

Prosecutors allege in court papers obtained by Newsday that Spano stole a total of between $7,500 and $150,000 from his employers Image First, which rents linens to outpatient facilities in Ohio, and its sister company London Cleaners.

Jay Milano, Spano's attorney, said in a telephone interview that Spano played only "a minor role” in the scheme.Milano said the idea was hatched by London Cleaners' owner, Alex Shvartshteyn, as a way to generate the illusion of revenue to show his corporate office. Belding blackmails Zack with suspension if he won't take his bratty niece, Penny, out on a date.So, Zack asks Screech to impersonate him while he takes out Kelly for her birthday party at the Max.But Slater overhears this and decides to break up Zack's plans to he can have another chance with Kelly.Meanwhile, Lisa sets Jessie up on a blind date, but there's a problem: the guy is much shorter than the 5'10" Jessie.