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But according to Borrell, his messy ways doomed the relationship: "She couldn't stand the smell of stale fags, beer and kebabs in her nice living room.

Dating speculation has hit Emma Watson soon following heavy media report that she's been spotted stepping out with bad boy rocker Johnny Borrell of the band Razorlight.

Rumors on that matter, however, were quashed by a close friend of the British actress.

"She's usually chaperoned to these kinds of events by her father." Another source, meanwhile, added "She has never met him before.

She has not spoken to him since and will likely not speak to him again," claimed that the two were photographed together simply because there were not enough cars to take Emma from one party to another and so the pair opted to share one.

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Emma set tongues wagging when she was seen getting along with Borrell at the Vanity Fair and Burberry Portraits party at the National Portrait Gallery in London England on Monday, February 11.

The "Harry Potter" star raised more concern when it was reported that she and Borrell shared a cab to another fashion party, thrown by designers PPQ at the Dolce nightclub, after which they were believed to have gone on to a private event at the Dorchester.

Speculation on a possible romance between the two famous figures, nevertheless, was put to rest by Emma's pal who insisted, "They were hanging out.

Emma has had a boyfriend [rugby player Tom Duckworth] for years." "She was probably just a bit star struck," the friend revealed further.