I am looking for a book that was read to me as a child (early 1960s) although my parents don't seem to recall it at all!

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(HB Oct/59 p.430) Nothing is mentioned about a record though, and the series seems to be strictly factual, so this probably isn't it, but this way no one will go off on a false trail.

I used to listen to a record album with a calendar on the front jacket that told stories meant to teach values, morals, etc.

One of the songs was "Let Your Daddy Sleep on Sunday Morning", another was "Your Mouth Is a House Where Your Teeth All Live".

It is about a family that is poor but happy and content.

They are sent a letter telling them that the father or mother is the next in line to some European throne. A24 all about: there's a series from the '50s called Allabout Books, with titles such as All About the Insect World, by Ferdinand C.

There is something about a lake and swans in this whole mix. Your comments reminded me of this anthology that had a tape as well as a video-very likely a book to go along. Lane; All About the Stars, by Anne Terry White; All About Whales, by Roy Chapman Andrews; All About the Wonders of Chemistry, by Ira M.I remember reading and listening to a series called "All About" which came with a book and a record, late 60s, early 70s, but for the life of me, I cannot find it anywhere. It had songs in it, too, like "Let your daddy sleep on Sunday morning", "Everyone makes mistakes", and I'm pretty sure one of the volumes was all about Mother Goose. Freeman, All About the Jungle, by Armstrong Sperry; All About Prehistoric Cave Men, by Sam and Beryl Epstein; All About the Ice Age, by Patricia Lauber; All About Archaeology, by Anne Terry White, published by Random House, for ages 10-14.They bring down the lettuce and make a salad out of it. and although the details don't quite fit your memories it may be the book you are looking for. It is set in American pioneer times and is about a little girl who waits until her mother goes out into the fields one day and then gets out the china/tea set/special dishes she has been forbidden to use. Ann Hamilton, living on Hamilton Hill in the western counties of Pennsylvania, is joined by her mother one afternoon for a tea party when she expected to be scolded for taking the dishes.Please be aware that it was reprinted recently and has different illustrations from the original 1965 version. She sets up a tea party but her mother comes back before she was expected. She later meets George Washington and his party, and they join the Hamiltons for a meal. I have been looking for a book that I used to frequently check out of my school library.Princess Adelgitha and her dog Jennie have got quite the challenge on their hands and paws. Ive retrieved the book from the library and it is the one I was trying to remember, obviously not so accurately. The little girl is so afraid that she is going to be punished, but the first thing out of the mothers mouth is instead something like, Well, how do you do, Mrs. I believe the book may be been published anywhere from 1940 to 1960.The evil Lorenzo Squink has stolen the moon from the sky and they must chase and outwit him to get it back. Cant understand why I couldnt find it before I thought I had searched the web for every possible citation of book cabbage and moon! In my memory at least, the original illustrations were much more enticing and other-worldly. I was reading it in the early 1970's but it was not a contemporary book.