We have not played sex or had any physical contact like kissing because I usually refuse to go out with her.

Initially, I was very closed-minded to the idea of interacting with Jewish men because of the stereotypes and because of what I’ve seen with my own eyes in my very own community.

The stereotypes that made me hesitant were “cheap, whiny, argumentative, sexist and very dedicated to their religion”.

So I decided I’ll try it if the opportunity ever presented itself.

My BF has not put any condition to convert, but having realized the basic evils in the islam, I dont believe in Kuran, full of hatred and bias against females and non-muslims.

Muhammad, a rapist and murderer of millions of innocent humans is treated messenger of Allah. Also read: Islamic Women Today, Inter-race marriages, Hindu-Muslim marriages, Hindu girl, Muslim girl, Hindu boy, Muslim boy, Christian-Muslim marriages, Hymen Repair Surgery, Be a friend on Facebook.

Dear Muslims, I am in love with a girl who is not a Muslim. I told her that am a muslim but she didn't get me well.We started as friends a few months ago and right now the relationship has become so intense that we are now lovers. Please fellow muslims help me with it, how should I manage this or how should I get rid of her?By admin on March 8th, 2013 Wazeera says: March 8, 2013 at am Hi readers, I am Wazeera, a muslim girl (27 years) working, as a staff nurse, in a Private hospital of Lismore, Australiya, and in love with a Hindu (Tamil), who is also working here as Physiotherapyst.Earlier I was married to a muslim guy of Gulf country and could not pull on with him even for 2 months, due to restrictions and ill feelings against my working.I found a lot of difference between a Hindu guy and a muslim guy, in their attitude, belief and culture.We both have decided to marry soon and I shall convert to Hinduism, as I do not like the evil teachings of islamic religion against women.