Jersey does not support, and doesn't validate, constraints placed on constructors and Bean Validation groups (only The JAX-RS Server API provides support for extracting request values and mapping them into Java fields, properties and parameters using annotations such as @Header Param, @Query Param, etc.It also supports mapping of the request entity bodies into Java objects via non-annotated parameters (i.e., parameters without any JAX-RS annotations).

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if ("add Contact".equals(Name())) { return List("contact"); } return name Parameter Names(method); } } } in class constructors and property setters.

Specifically, they are allowed in resource method parameters, fields and property getters as well as resource classes, entity parameters and resource methods (return values).

Jersey provides support for validation (see following sections) annotated input parameters and return value of the invoked resource method as well as validation of resource class (class constraints, field constraints) where this resource method is placed.

If you want to use a different implementation of the Bean Validation API, use standard Maven mechanisms to exclude Hibernate Validator from the modules dependencies and add a dependency of your own.

Configuration of Bean Validation support in Jersey is twofold - there are few specific properties that affects Jersey behaviour (e.g.

sending validation error entities to the client) and then there is Validation Config class that configures Validator used for validating resources in JAX-RS application.To configure Jersey specific behaviour you can use the following properties: new Resource Config() // Now you can expect validation errors to be sent to the client. BV_SEND_ERROR_IN_RESPONSE, true) // @Validate On Execution annotations on subclasses won't cause errors. BV_DISABLE_VALIDATE_ON_EXECUTABLE_OVERRIDE_CHECK, true) // Further configuration of Resource Config. ); type) { final Validation Config config = new Validation Config(); Constraint Validator Factory(resource Resource(Injecting Constraint Validator Factory.class)); Parameter Name Provider(new Custom Parameter Name Provider()); return config; } /** * See Contact Card Test#test Add Invalid Contact.Validation is a process of verifying that some data obeys one or more pre-defined constraints.This chapter describes support for Bean Validation in Jersey in terms of the needed dependencies, configuration, registration and usage.For more detailed description on how JAX-RS provides native support for validating resource classes based on the Bean Validation refer to the chapter in the JAX-RS spec.This module depends directly on Hibernate Validator which provides a most commonly used implementation of the Bean Validation API spec.