(Oh, settle down, it was only a joke.) If he starts getting loud about politics, please let us know in the comments and we’ll sing your praises.

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I’m not saying he doesn’t care at all, he just doesn’t make it public.

Considering his strong support of both Catholicism and the Catholic hierarchy, I could guess that he’s socially conservative: opposed to abortion rights, gay rights, and possibly even contraception.

But then again, his girlfriend hasn’t gotten pregnant yet (I couldn’t quite figure out if they’re still dating), so maybe he does believe in birth control after all.

Pof took a payment when joined them on their site I then checked no further payment.

Then the 28th of January I noticed they took another payment that I did not authorize paypal and I have messaged them about the payment of £38.70 but they do not reply.

I left POF on the 24th of January when I try to log in with my e-mail address they say its not in their database but it was there to take my money out.

Juan Martín del Potro was born and raised in Tandil, Argentina.

Del Potro is a devout Catholic, as you probably know if you’ve seen him play a match.

The tennis star crosses himself and sends a kiss up to the heavens after his games, although that particular signal isn’t directed exactly at God.