Advances in pervasive sensing have enabled us to measure peoples’ affective states in real-time situations by harnessing the properties that such mobile and sensing technologies now afford.

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Pervasive sensing has opened up new opportunities for measuring our feelings and understanding our behavior by monitoring our affective states while mobile.

This review paper surveys pervasive affect sensing by examining and considering three major elements of affective pervasive systems, namely “sensing,” “analysis,” and “application.” investigates different leading areas of affective applications.

For each of the three aspects, the paper includes an extensive survey of the literature and finally outlines some of challenges and future research opportunities of affective sensing in the context of pervasive computing.

This review article creates a platform for understanding the growing field of pervasive affective sensing and offers designers, computer scientists, and researchers from other related disciplines an opportunity to further engage with this field.

The proliferation of smartphones and sensor-based technologies has opened up new territory with respect to the development of systems that can recognize and process human affective states.

One of the key challenges in such systems is the recognizing of people’s feelings and related behaviors.

Self-reporting is an explicit way to gather information related to a person’s feelings or emotional state by using questionnaires or interviews in order to report on one’s own state.

Physiological recording is an implicit way to identify emotional reactions by recognizing the user’s physiological changes with the use of biosensors.

The behavioral observations method is used to identify the user’s emotional state by observing their externalized reactions, such as facial expressions and speech.