Photo: Instagram Instagram, the photo-sharing app with more than 300 million users worldwide, is notorious for its strict policy against nudity and sex.

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(Confusingly, #curvy has also been banned — along with #photography. )But one hashtag that, somewhat surprisingly, hasn’t been banned? The tag originated as an Internet rally cry to fight Instagram’s censorship of the female body, and often identified and labeled photos — often those non-sexual in nature — that included female nipples.

But as I personally discovered recently, it’s evolved to mean so much more than some emancipated areolae.

While doing research for a recent post about the latest #Free The Nipple strategy — superimposing male nips onto lady breasts to further show the absurdity of Instagram’s rules — I came across a somewhat shocking discovery: The hashtag is now home to some of the most pornographic images I’ve ever seen online, let alone on Instagram. There are also photos and videos of penises, vaginas, arses, and just about every sex act to ever occur in the history of human sexuality. It’s not like the people posting these pics have found a loophole, but rather that Instagram simply can’t keep up with the constant flood of pornographic imagery infiltrating its system.

Insta may be removing the “offending” photos almost immediately, but at the same moment, someone, somewhere, is uploading another one.

Meaning that, until the app decides to ban #Free The Nipple as a search term (along with all the other smut-derived hashtags out there), it’ll continue to exist as the home to some of Instagram’s filthiest, most NSFW posts.

The posts may not all be supporting women’s rights, but they’re certainly something.Check it out to see for yourself, if you can handle it — though I’d highly recommend you wait until after work.More from Yahoo Style: Free the Nipple: Fighting for Women’s Rights Chrissy Teigen Wears White Lace Altuzarra Boots & Nothing Else in W, Breaks Instagram’s Boob Rules Are Chelsea Handler’s Nipples the Key to World Peace?I want to be the prettiest, hottest, sexiest, and most popular girl in school.I don't want to be mean, snobbish, and full of myself. But remember who you are in the making of this change.I want to be nice to everyone (even nerds) and not ditch my old friends. Get used to the idea that you are dynamic and constantly changing.