Beyond Ledger’s performance though, everything else about the movie rocks too.Full Story Vegas is all about Sho West right now and Warners is hauling out the talent in preparation for summer blockbuster season with stars from Speed Racer, the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and of course The Dark Knight all on hand last night to pre-promote their projects.

The character is apparently able to change form, which means that Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell will each have their turn to interpret what Heath left behind.

Full Story After a romp with Helena Christensen and a rumoured hook up with Lindsay Lohan (I call bullsh*t), Heath Ledger has found love close to home in the form of 20 year old Australian supermodel Gemma Ward.

Gemma, as you can see, is your typical genetic freak.

Limbs and features that don’t look like they should belong together and yet when put together become exquisite as a whole.

Full Story It seemed like an odd choice at first – especially since T3 was a total bust – that Christian Bale would turn to superhero family flicks instead of staying with the intensity that has defined his career.

But given what he’s accomplishing with the Batman franchise, the same dark hopes can certainly be applied to Terminator. Let’s hope for it, even in the face of reports that suggest she may not be spending time with the best influences. Evidently whatever cougar moves Helena Christensen put on him weren’t lasting because Heath was seen the other day in New York with a wing man who ran after two random girls as they were leaving some hotel and offered them Heath’s address, requesting that they drop by.

Full Story As you can see from multiple changes during her commercial shoot yesterday, the thinnification of Lilo continues – little arms, little legs. Full Story Heath Ledger had a torrid love affair with Heather Graham a few years ago before dating Naomi Watts. Full Story Heath Ledger and Helena Christensen have been making out all over NYC – first last week over dinner, then the other night at the premiere of Eastern Promises which stars, curiously enough, his ex Naomi Watts.

The pair met through mutual friends, but it's a shared love of the written word that made their romantic connection. Michelle's daughter with Heath, Mathilda, is now 9 years old, and Jonathan has two children with his ex-wife, fellow author Nicole Krauss.

"I'm not surprised that Michelle is attracted to him," a source says. A second source says longevity for the new couple is highly likely: "With Jonathan, Michelle looks finally at peace and genuinely happy." While Michelle moves forward with her new love, let's take a few moments to look back with her old one.