Hair cuts and trimmed facial hair is a must, looking like their ready to go to church.At this stage they are not so open to the American life style, and have different views of how children should be raised.When it comes to relationship the man works and the female is the home maker, they are very old fashioned and it's hard for them to accept change. This is mainly the younger guys between the ages of 15-30. I remember at one point they would wear Italian clothes in cologne this was very popular among the haitian community.

Now in 2013 the new characteristic of Diaspora men would be True Religion Jeans, Armani Exchange, Diesel, Prada, Gucci, and LV.

May I add a few of them get them counter fit and some authentic, expensive jewelry too but they carry themselves really clean.

When it comes to relationship they love women so much one is never enough.

Today I will be talking about the Characteristic of Haitian men.

But before I do so let me tell you that I am not judging or generalizing the entire Haitian population or community.

I am basing this off experience and what I've seen growing up or experienced my self.

Pleased be advised that they are different category of men world wide, some may carry similar characteristic, some may not.

So to answer your question 's on the different characteristic of Haitian men please read below and you'll be able to compare whether or not your Haitian men fall into that category.

The just comes are a group of Haitian immigrants that has travelled by sea or air some may refer to them as boats (meaning a person that was born in Haiti probably still have a thick haitian accent) So a Haitian guy that is a just come, immigrates to certain parts of the country mainly, Miami, New York, or Canada.

When they just come they are ambitious looking for a new life and work here in America. Some may have been well educated and have family that are well off financially others not so much.

The Characteristic of a male just come he would be well dressed, button down shirt or polo, ironed pants with a leather belt and matching shoes.