I wanted to use up my 25 pound bag of Honeyville Almond Flour so I’ve been baking like a nut.

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I’ve missed being in touch with you and I hope your life is amazing.

I started writing to keep track of what I was learning so I wouldn’t forget.

For those who have experienced the Gluten Brain Fog you’ll know what […] This was such a fast, easy dinner that was full of great flavors that I didn’t want to forget it.

So to preserve this for future meals for us all, here it is.If you are not a fan of Mexican spices then you might want to change the flavor profile but if you do, […] These are so amazing I have to break my summer hiatus and share.So I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been and why did I popped up today.I’ve been working on a new book with my husband that I think you will love.I wanted to […] Five years ago Friday, August 9th 2008, I posted for the very first time.I laugh every time I see it and the other posts from that month.