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No matter how awful you feel the day after you indulge, sex is on your mind.

You can’t even look […] » Read More If your woman is on a crash diet because she know that you are quickly approaching the “have sex” date, reassure her that she need not worry all that much.

Women worry so much about the way that they look during sex.

The top 10 list is a ranking of the best sex dating sites online.

The idea is to help you learn about your options in a quick, simple way.

The page also gives actual users the ability to rate each site.

The information is presented concisely to aid in your decision-making.

You can visit any of the sites from here and sign up for a free account to have a look around (none require your credit card for the free account so there really is no risk to you).{View List} There is an old joke about how there is no bad sex and technically that’s true but we all know there have been times when it could have been better.

It’s a big let-down when you meet an incredibly hot woman, sit and have incredibly witty, sexually charged conversation all night and then take her […] » Read More People come together in all types of sexual relationships ranging from the uber-romantic to strictly platonic.