He and Rona will be getting married this coming Tuesday. Berlinda is Bernadette’s sister Novie is Berlinda’s Daughter Jasmine is Novie’s daughter Joseph is Bernadette’s Nephew: His father (deceased) was Bernadette’s brother. I spent a very pleasant and informative couple of hours with them as Mr. I had the opportunity to meet him during the 2007 Reunion when he and his wife were visiting with Allen Richards at the Casino.

A bunch of multi talented guys that loved to play baseball.

From the start of the season we had a ad in the Minot Daily Newspaper looking for games to fill our open dates.

We got a few games that route and I will tell you about one later.

Mona Dionne Johnson – 48 Gary – gal without scarf is Skip.

It has been almost a month since I first started looking for this picture which by the way is the only one I have of the American Legion team I coached that summer.

I do not recall who took it or who gave it to me but I”m hoping that maybe someone out there has another photo and will pass it along.In the photo Back Row that is Don Olson’s shoulder, Greg Evans, Jeff Evans, Lyle Olson, Clark Parrill, Curt Berg, Greg Larson, Don Berg, Front Row, Larrett Peterson, Larry Tooke, David Campbell, Donald Malatere, Curt Hagel. As teams go this one turned out to be what I would call a Dream Team.He replied that action was very close in and that the movie was very well done. Bob Lykins Gary: Dick – That is me in the PD, and my friend is Skip Brasseur (don’t know if I spelled her last name correctly).It was very evident that he was proud of his service and his time spent with the 7th Cav as well as his continuing association with Col. Her dad ran a barber shop in Dunseith for a couple of years.She had a harmonizing voice and we used to sing duets together.They left Dunseith after her 2nd year high school, so did not graduate from Dunseith.