You either go along with it or you don't go along with it.Freddie Prinze Jr.'s charm inspired a script rewrite.

Twins as New Mom Was ‘Not My Smartest Day’ All joking aside, Gellar revealed that Prinze’s potentially recurring stint on the Fox drama — in which he’ll play a covert CIA agent and old buddy of Boreanaz’ Booth — was negotiated at the pool. 16 Season 9 opener — but word is there’s potential for a second.

“This actually all came about from David, Freddie and I hanging out two weeks ago,” she explained.

’ It was literally a poolside conversation.” Currently, Prinze is booked for one episode — the show’s Sept.

The crew was well aware that Rachel Leigh Cook was beautiful, even with glasses and a unibrow. It's like, 'She's such a beautiful girl, how can she be an ugly girl? Times have changed a lot in Hollywood, but back when we did the movie, it was very much the Hollywood standard [to cast] a beautiful girl. You're never going to get the ugly duckling to really transform … [So] it was more the quality of the actor that we wanted to go for, someone who could have the range from being very standoffish and cerebral and in her head, and then open up and be warmer and interact with the people and be more than, 'How beautiful.'"2.

Then my thing was to say, 'OK, so the way Zack is written right now, how does Zack really become worthy of Laney?

'Initially it's these two guys making a bet, and they're kind of misogynistic at the beginning. So all of the stuff about being accepted to every school and putting all the letters away and all the problems with his father and the performance art thing — those all came into the script after I had met Freddie."3. Night Shyamalan was responsible for those script rewrites, including the hacky-sack scene.

"Night's big thing was [also], 'How do we pay off the bet?

We can't just say there was a bet and then not show off the bet.' So there were months of discussion about that.

He came up with an idea of when he was in high school, somebody streaked across their campus at graduation, which I thought was fun but I didn't know quite how to do that given the constraints of our rating and also the time that I had to do it.