Would you rather date someone of a different skin tone and be happy, or date a same skin color person and be unhappy? As for why black men and white women are dating, this is just a stupid reason to complain about interacial dating. There are hillbilly black folks, just as well as hillbilly whites and hillbilly mexicans and hillbilly asians.what wrong is that..white women talk about us like there are better..it because that they no the black man we come back? Nothing is wrong with white men, could it be that these white women and black men are more open-minded than you, and are willing to attract themselves emotionally to other "races". God wouldn't have us together if it wasn't suppose to be. So to get to my point Us 'white' women dont go for black men merely for the color of their skin it is for the certain personality.is that the reason why the white women wants tan, , a big booty and boobs you half to wonder why. Why do you seperate white men and black men: white women date black men? Why can't we say the human race is meant to interbreed. Now answer my question: Would you rather date someone of a different skin tone and be happy, or date a same skin color person and be unhappy? I don't want a bigger butt, or bigger boobs, and I sure don't go to the tanners, or even lay out in the sun. The same reason why some black women date white men for their personality.

I have date plenty black women who acted nothing like what you are describing, and I have been friends with white women who act exactly how you are describing.

Matter of fact is I have met more non-black women who act like what you're describing than black women, and maybe the problem is where you're looking.

Either way there is no need for the few black men and women on to be at each other's throats about black issues such as this one.

nah I never said that all black women were the way I described, and in my description I never said anything about uneducated, and no I live around plenty of black females and some good looking ones at that.

I have also met black women with the personality that I liked but my attraction did not lie with them it was more so with the asian girls I so enjoy.

There are white girls and asian girls who have come to adopt the annoying slang and the blood curdling attitude.All I am saying is that I want a woman that does not make me want to tear my heart out with just their mouth.The question is always being raised why black men date white women.Its always reflect on what the black women is are is not doing to keep the black man so now i want to no whats wrong with the white man for white women to want our black men that only 9 times out of 10 uses the white women and than they come back to us to talk about the white women about how stupid they are. He probably dates white women because they don't complain about "ooh why are these black women dating our white men" Me personally, I could care less what race, sex, or religion two people have when they are in a relationship as long as they are happy together. Personally as a white woman I see nothing wrong with white men. Nothing is wrong with white men it is just the fact that certain women need certain men.Ive never dated out of my race and never dated anyone who has.. What is wrong with interracial dating and what proof/evidence do you have that shows that interracial dating is wrong? This is hard for me to respond to, since you don't seem to have a very firm grasp on the english language. I do know that the only reason why I have challenged you is to proove how racist and hateful this question is. Im not a racist if u look at my picture closely u can c i have curly hair. You most date black men because 4 sum reason u got affended.bad, I no alot of white women who want big buts and boobs and dark skin i dont no what planet u r on but its all over tv,news, and internet. and u still never got to the point why do white women date black men? Anyways, I'm afraid you're missing the point of my argument. It IS racist to try and keep different skin tones seperate. Nahna, thanks for your comments- I am VERY glad a white woman who has dated black men came in here and gave a logical reason as to why you would date black men... I just wanted to comment on the "black hillbilly" comment because it brought back memories that made me laugh. OH MY GOD those black folks are some Ford F250 driving, deer hunting, whiskey distilling, catfish fishin hillbillies!!! It was my first time drinkin moonshine- or "corn" as they called it- and daaaaayum! I am still with one of the black men and have been with him for four years.If a black man truly falls in love with a white woman than whats wrong their? This sort of thinking is what inspires race hatred. We should date others and marry based on the emotional connection they share. I have never even thought about white women wanting bigger butts or boobs to somehow compete with black women. People should love based on emotional connection as I said before. Its not the fact that he is black it is the fact that he is intelligent and has a very good personality. Some white women act "black" and some black women act "white" just as well as some mexicans act "black" and some act "white" same with all of the races.