The platform wholly embraces bribery as a legitimate dating strategy.

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If you take pride in your own (and also judge people based on their) musical preferences, then the Tastebuds app could be your next step to finding a truly compatible mate.

Grouper’s goal is to get you off the sofa and out on a real date – without the awkwardness of that initial one-on-one encounter.

After a simple sign up for the website, each new user must answer a few questions about themselves, let the company takes a look at your Facebook profile before they match you with someone with similar interests.

12 Fun Online Dating Trends Are you looking to find love online?

Having trouble navigating the Internet in finding the right website or app for the type of person you are looking to meet?

Here are 12 of the freshest (and most fun) trends in online dating: Tinder is an online dating app that locates potential matches using GPS based on their proximity to you and Facebook information to create your profile (though Tinder will ever be post to your Facebook page).

Tinder profiles are comprised of your first name, age, photos of your choice and any pages you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook.

On June 5, Tinder introduced its new ‘Moments’ feature – allowing users to share pictures with one another to ‘connect in a more meaningful way.’ This feature allows users to take a photo using the app which is then sent to all your matches.

Matches view your ‘moment’ and can swipe left to ‘dislike’ or right to ‘like’, just as it is with general profiles.