at the movie’s Los Angeles premiere that she was captivated by Jean Hegland’s book of the same name because it begged her to question people’s relationships with the world.“The book encompassed a lot of the things I was thinking about at the time, of one’s relationship to the environment.

He shared how enjoyable it was for him to take part in the feature’s role reversal.

“I’m essentially the ‘girlfriend’ part, traditionally we’re used to seeing female characters support male leads, and I thought it was very fun to be the damsel in distress.

It was very realistic to how I view the world,” Minghella said.

“Into the Forest” will be available on Direct TV on June 23 and in theaters on July 29.

In Esquire magazine she seemed to be begging the question and then came out with it that she wants to meet a nice girl after breaking it off with Marilyn Manson.

She also said she would like to "marry" Kate Winslet. OK, DLers, is she serious or just desperate for publicity?

I like Evan and her choices of work.%0D %0D I do think she is alternative and isn't doing the gay for pay thing.%0D %0D She does seem out there as far as choices I mean who the hell wants to date Marilyn Manson.%0D %0D She has to be a little fucked up for that.%0Dup until Evan Rachel Wood, I'd never heard of parents using Evan as a girls' name. Or is it something like Morgan or Robin or Kim or Taylor, names that are commonly used for both boys and girls?

Wood says that she doesn’t just view this film as one with strong female leads.

“People keep saying to me, ‘Wow it’s so amazing to see a film with strong women.’ But that’s how I know women.