04/25/2016: The eggs could hatch at any moment now!In preparation for hatching, we zoomed in and refocused the camera to get a closer look at the tiny white fuzzball babies when they appear.

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Feel free to ask any additional questions in our Kestrel Cam discussion thread! The remnants of the egg yolk is absorbed into the nestling's body cavity directly prior to hatching, so for the first few days, the nestlings are feeding off of nutrients from that egg yolk stash in their bellies.

5/23/2016 : The cameras will be down briefly while we band the five chicks! 5/2/2016 : The inside camera will be offline briefly for a system reset and refocus. The adult kestrels still feed the newborns, as it gets their systems working and provides a valuable boost! Two new nestlings were revealed at pm when the female moved. At around am, the first nestling emerged from its egg!

Did you miss the first glimpse of the newly-hatched chicks? Click here to watch the first sighting of the first hatchling! While the female was off the eggs, two of the other eggs appear to be "pipped." Pipping means that the nestling inside made a small breathing hole in the shell, which means a full hatching is imminent.

5/23/2016 : All five Kestrel Cam nestlings are now banded!

A professional biologist from Boise State University came up to do the banding while the AKP staff assisted.

All five chicks were alert and healthy with a good fat amount on their bodies, and a couple even had excess food in their crops!The chicks are 26 days old, so they will be ready to fledge and take their first flights within a week.Click here to watch the first sighting of the second and third hatchlings! The other four eggs could hatch at any time, so stay tuned for news!Click here to watch the first sighting of the fourth hatchling! American Kestrels, like many birds, use a special knob on the top of their beak called an "egg tooth" to break out of the shell.This egg tooth gets smaller and dissappears after the first couple days of life.Check out this video of the new nestling's very first feeding!