Do not agree to date a guy just because you have a high degree of respect for the person referring him.

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Otherwise, you are doomed to repeat the same pattern of going out on dates with turkeys.

Assuming that you let go of the power of referral when looking for dates, the next step is to actually talk to the guy.

Filter the guy before you go out on a date with him. You might think that you only need to reject the date, but in reality you already played a steep rise.

If you are an Aquarius woman and you are trying to weigh different dating options, you need to avoid common traps.

In fact, a lot of these traps are unconsciously set up by one person. Otherwise, you are just going to lay the foundation for you dying lonely. I do not mean to get you down, but that is the reality.

We can easily become the victims of our own high expectations and we end up filtering everybody out.

That is the last thing you want to do when it comes to dating. Of course, there are a lot of risks because once you relax your rigid standards, some losers might slip through.

However, that is the risk you need to take if you want to increase your chances of finding real love.

Aquarius people tend to make decisions based on referrals.