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@thegirlfallsfromthesky Fontaine wandered into the bar and ordered himself a whiskey.

He knew that this gathering was going to be tedious; those held by Andrew Ryan usually were; it was always about how he was the one who inspired all the business men and women down in this fishbowl.

To Hell with him, he thought to himself as he took a sip and watched the other man’s every move from across the bar.It wasn’t until Ryan moved across the room to talk to some other stuck-up suit clad old money that he noticed the woman he left behind at the bar; and what a woman she was.Frank glanced over back at Ryan to make sure he wasn’t going back to her anytime soon before he sauntered on over to her. “That man must be mad to leave a woman like you here on her own.” Frank spoke with his usual Bronx drawl, which was complimented by the half smile that usual came with it. - International Commerce Alliance specializes in Data entry, Medical Billing, Data processing, Accounting, Book Keeping, Payroll processing, Data conversion, OCR, PDF conversion, Medical transcription, Medical Coding, Web development, Internet Research - Transfer your video camera DV tapes to DVD with graphical menu and 48 scene selection menu.Avid Tech also provides video mini dv editing of your great family memories project with more options than your could ever have imagined including professional voice over introductions and narrations.