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Their product, The Relationship Guru, was deemed offensive as it included sexist questions about men and women's likes and dislikes written by team member Daniel Lassman, while the other team came up with a guess-the-country game called Geoknow which had broader family appeal.

The 23-year-old, whose business plan involved a consultancy and workshops for dyslexia, also revealed that she was unsure whether she was the best choice as project manager because she has the condition herself.'I thought I wasn't really the best person to design a boardgame because being dyslexic I found them quite confusing, but it didn't worry me too much because with Daniel being a pub quiz company owner, he does that for a living.'Uddin, who took Lassman and Lauren Riley into the boardroom to battle it out, added: 'I'm feeling quite gutted.

I wasn't expecting to go - I know I made errors but I do feel other people made more over the course of the six weeks.

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the original Play Station (the PS1) brought gaming to mainstream audiences, and one of its most popular early games – Wipeout – used licensed music in a way we hadn’t seen before.

Now you could play games to a backing track of the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers – The Play Station was a phenomenal success in bringing gaming to the masses.10.Millennium bug – much of the 90s in the world of tech revolved around dealing with the all-encompassing paranoia of the Y2K scare.Thankfully, it never materialised, but just hearing the words “Millennium bug” certainly gets us all misty-eyed thinking back on an era in tech before the real crisis of the dot-com crash. You meet the candidates, the courtship begins, and then the vetting process.That’s when you learn all about their dirty laundry and whether you’ll be willing to wash it. You’ve got one vote and you better make it count, especially when it comes to your love life.After all, you could be stuck with someone a lot longer than four years.