Not only that, he assured me that the Lord called him into ministry one day. I mean, I'm not totally sold on him, nor do I respect him as a man, but it works... He would spend 10-12 hours a day with studying His bible. One year and a half later, we moved back to Atlanta and we started The Gathering Oasis- Church. So, let me ask you this sis: If he wants to pack up and move to Alaska, will you be shopping for snow boots or will you nag him until he doubts what God told him? I mean, I don't see any other guys around and I think I want to marry him? To the natural eye, it may sound crazy but I believed in my husband and I still do. The man pushed me away from Jesus and I clearly made our relationship my god.

dating two years no proposal-3

I am married and I've never said no to my husband's wedding proposal. I said no to men prior to him for a few important reasons that I really want you, single woman to consider.

Actually, I fell to my knees, cried and we actually waited to kiss until our wedding day when my now husband proposed to me. Understand that marriage is supposed to be forever and you don't want to marry someone out of fear or because you're afraid of being alone.

When I was in these unhealthy relationships, I was searching for value or worth.

So, I got into a relationship with someone and we were together for awhile. I continued to stay in the relationship because I felt like he hit on my basic needs in a relationship.

In Ephesians it says "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless." Ok, I had to ask myself this question: Was this man presenting me as a radiant church without spot or wrinkle? So, what would happen when our "marriage" hit a rough spot?? So, you can imagine how his bachelor party would look like.. I wanted a man that had accountability in his relationships and those men pushed him closer to the Lord. If you cannot communicate and get on the same page as me while we are in a relationship, then our marriage will be in shambles. As I shared in "Where is my Adam" I believe that God allowed that door to be closed because it wasn't Gods will that we were to be together. I talked about "How to Hear God's voice" and I KNEW God was telling me NO. Learn to trust God sis, I know it's hard but He is jealous for the time & the attention you give these guys!

Granted, I had a part to play too- I could have said "no" to the sex outside of marriage. I told him I didn't want to kiss until our wedding day and I quickly learned that he tried to kiss me everywhere else BUT on my face. It's not enough for one person to want purity & the other person to want sex. Let him go because it's much easier to pull you off the chair than it is to pull you up onto it. Clearly, he had the same problem that I once had-- allowing humans to fill my voids. I took all of the above + the fact that I wasn't attracted to him. It's FAR from it, but I wanted to be attracted to my one-day husband. His friends were playboys and loved to hang out and party. So, if you're in a relationship that you're not supposed to be in-- I encourage you to break it off and ask the Lord to give you boldness and help to keep your decision, even when you're lonely.

Amos 3:3 says that how can TWO people walk together unless they agree?? Remember that you marry his mindset & his ways and he pours that into your kid, if he's around. Then I would find that he would run back to other women. You have to wake up and love who you're looking at. Lets just be honest, you are a reflection of your friends. Yes, it may be hard to do it, but you'll either have a broken engagement or a broken marriage where you now include children. Living for Jesus and giving our whole hearts to Him is everything.

When my now husband and I got married, he had a very high position at his old job.

my friends are getting married & I sure don't feel like starting over. I needed a man with vision, I needed someone I could believe in if he LOST all temporary things on this earth. Win your guy over with your quiet & gentle spirit & pray earnestly that God would save him.2. Think: daily post notifications + weekly devotionals, recipes and so much more!

I didn't believe in him and it didn't matter how much money he had or where he was working, I knew all of those things were temporary. There is a cost to pay for disobeying God, BUT God can still use your marriage.

Even his "friends" at church were so carnal, I wasn't a believer. Communication wasn't a HUGE deal breaker, but after the top 7 things, I knew he wasn't it. I just don't know where we are going or if we are going to live in 10 different places in a 3-month span because I watch your life & it's so unstable. Even if your relationship seems so perfect, if it's not God's will- you won't be doing what HE wants you to do. If you try to change him once you get the ring-- that man will resent the God that you serve and hate both of you. He was showing me WARNING signs & I never had a "good" feeling about walking down the aisle with this guy. If if you did marry a man that you have no peace with, you will experience attacks that someone else may not have to go through.