With no realistic avenues for agricultural utilization of this rural land, and Florida's continuing strong population growth and its attendant needs (aided and supported by the great success of nearby Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida), these areas began and continue to be, swallowed up by growing housing developments.However, several packing facilities and wholesalers are still in Orange County.

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Orange County was renamed from Mosquito County for the fruit that constituted the county's main product.

At its peak in the early 1970s, some 80,000 acres (320 km There was the dark green foliage of orange trees and the scent of the orange blossoms when in bloom.

Fewer commercial orange groves remained by the end of the twentieth century.

The land that is Orange County was part of the first land to emerge from below the Early Oligocene sea 33.9–28.4 million years ago and is known as Orange Island.

Orange County's Rock Spring location is a Pleistocene fossil bearing area and has yielded a vast variety of birds and mammals including giant sloth, mammoth, camel, and the dire wolf dating around 1.1 million years ago. Johns County became Mosquito County, and Enterprise was named the county seat.

In 1821, there were two counties that formed Florida: Escambia to the west and St. This massive county took up much of central Florida.

Mosquito County was renamed Orange County in 1845 when Florida became a state.

The majority of groves were destroyed by the freezing temperatures experienced in successive winters of 1985-1986, in particular by the January 1985 cold wave, the worst since 1899.

The financial setbacks, not the first in the history of the grove region, were just too challenging for many growers.