For existing online users, your full e-mail address will serve as both your new username and password.Simply click the link below to proceed to The Office City ordering site.You will be prompted to change your password on your first login.

Whether it's basic supplies like paper, or more expensive things like desks and chairs, these are things you cannot do without in order to take care of your business properly.

To save money, many office managers try to find cheap office supplies from discount wholesale dealers.

For example, many office workers need to have personalized stationery to remind customers about who they are working with.

To all our loyal PR Office Supply customers, your loyalty and friendship over the past 25 years has been greatly appreciated.

You will continue to receive the best customer service, prompt delivery service and best of all, competitive pricing.

Additionally with this merger we will improve and expand our services to include more break room supplies, furniture design and installation, as well as printing and custom imprinted specialty products.We are looking forward to getting out and sharing with you all of our additional services.It's not hard to find the office supplies you need, but the last thing you want to do is get caught without them. As of Thursday, January 2nd, PR Office Supply and The Office City have merged to create one of the largest privately owned office supply companies in the Bay Area and Central Valley, with roots dating back to 19 respectively.The Office City has its primary distribution facility and customer service support in Stockton, with additional locations in Hayward, Redwood City, Los Banos, Merced, Mariposa, and Richmond.Together, we can now service the entire Central Valley, Bay Area, and Sierra Foothills on a next-day delivery basis.