The rules are different for rifles and long guns, which are not concealed when carried.New York residents should ask a qualified gun shop how various regulations apply to different types of firearms.

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How does a new gun owner make sense of all the regulation and legislation?

How does he or she know what type of license to get, what that covers, and how to practically keep a family safe?

As a trusted gun store in Ridgewood, NY, Seneca Sporting Range is there to help our customers get on top of these issues from day one.

Having the right kind of gun license in NY is important for legal and safe gun ownership.

If you need help with finding a gun store in Ridgewood, NY, talk to Seneca Sporting Range about gun licensing, training, and everything else that you need, in order to be fully prepared when you bring home your firearms.

In the state of New York, the government requires licensing for handguns.The law states that handguns are banned, excluding those with particular gun licenses and permits.These are typically taken out for the purposes of protecting and defending commercial enterprises.As with other states, New York has a general carry license that will allow for broader use.However, it's important to check on the specifics of the law, and make sure that you're always complying with the standards put in place at the federal, state, and local levels.A home premises carry license also allows for defending the home.