Working out, getting in shape, wearing the latest trends, having white teeth, nothing can help lift the sinking feeling you are different from the rest of the guys in the room.

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He has always loved playing sports, and as a child, he loved soccer in particular.

After the accident, while Scott could no longer play soccer, but it didn’t mean his days as an athlete were over. He found wheelchair basketball, one of the most competitive wheelchair sports in the United States, and has been able to flourish through the sport.

Playing basketball in high school brought with it a lot of admiration from his coach, teammates and his competition. When it was time to graduate high school, Scott accepted a scholarship to play with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawks.

During his stint at UWW, Scott played an integral part in winning two national championships and establishing a powerhouse program.

He also met his future wife, Ann, at the school, a gymnast and someone with the same competitive drive as himself.

As their courtship progressed, Scott’s insecurities persisted.

“My biggest insecurity was not being able to do normal activity stuff that an able-bodied couple could do,” Scott said. Ann became passionate about wheelchair basketball and supporting her new boyfriend.

You meet an attractive girl at a bar who happens to smile at you as you pass by and would like to talk to her.

This situation isn’t all that easy for a lot of men.

Imagine, then, being confined to a wheelchair, sitting a foot or two below her eye level, trying to act manly and cool as you gain the courage to say a simple hello.

The truth is looking, and feeling manly is difficult when confined to a metal chair on wheels.