And then there are further theories as to what the whole deal is about. Now, that is very interesting and slightly weird as well.

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It was all just a fake image portrayed by Lil Wayne to make some extra dollars and cents.

So, it looks like the two are not dating after all."Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are NOT dating," according to TMZ.

31-year-old Lil Wayne just wants to introduce Christina’s music and so he is out for some press exposure. Meanwhile, Nivea has three children from the Dream.

Christina Milian is getting dizzy with Lil Wayne just only 30 days after her split from fiancé Jas Prince.

And it is seems to be the truth since Christina and Lil Wayne have been spotted together on a number of occasions.

Just recently they were seen hand in hand at the ESPY Awards event.They even sat in close proximity to each other and were all smiles."It is totally true," an insider told Us Weekly."They are hooking up."32-year-old Christina Milian and her fiancé began their relationship four years ago and they ended it a month ago.Milian meanwhile announced on Instagram that she was happy and that she preferred to surround herself with people who kept her happy. Read complete Instagram message of Christina Milian below that she posted on June 12 after split from fiance.Life was too short, she declared, to be spent in sadness and the only thing you could do about those who brought you down was to let them go and pray that they see the light. Milian captioned above Instagram: "Morning Inspiration Turn your life around and do all the things that make you happy.It's your life to live."But there are other voices in the media that say otherwise.