To help you break the ice, weve created a few questions that you can definitely ask on your first date to get the conversation going.One of the most thrilling things about dating as a mature individual is that your date is likely to have a life completely different than your own. Is their day already jam-packed, or does it sound like they live a life of relative leisure?Asking about their day gives you a better understanding of who they are - but it also tells you some important things, like their priorities, routines and schedule. This information can reveal a lot about your date and let you better understand if you want to be a part of their average day or not.

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If they don't know by now, you probably shouldnt be their practice run. Sometimes we get quite close to them -- other times they always seem to evade us.

But dreams don't just tell you what a person values, they also tell you how satisfied they are with their current life.

Is your date going to end up quitting their job to summit Mount Everest? But if they're not satisfied in their current lives, it could be a warning sign of things to come. If you have the travel bug yourself, it'll be fascinating to hear about all of the exciting experiences that your date has had.

But later in life, we grow in other areas -- interests, hobbies and family. While this question is great regardless of age, mature daters are the ones who can answer the question with confidence -- or, at least, should be able to.

Your date's passions will tell you a lot about the future that you could have together. When you ask this question in your 20s, you're going to get back a lot of guesswork.

When you ask this question in your 40s (and beyond), your date should be able to give a thoughtful, specific answer based on a lot of relationship experience and knowledge.If you're a mature dater and your date can't answer this question its a warning a sign.Dating in your 40s can be a challenging experience.Most likely, youve recently come out of a long-term relationship and dating is not something youve done in a long time.Its not like you're fresh out of college, you know that your life experiences and your date's life experiences are likely to mesh up in many ways.At an older age, when you've both lived full, exciting lives, it can be a little harder to find some common ground and first date questions can be pretty difficult to navigate As general dating advice for men and women over 40, it's a good idea to ask open-ended questions that allow your date to really describe their lives and their opinions.