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That’s because probably the best personal credit card and best small business credit cards accrue Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which can be transferred at a 1:1 ratio to Korean Air Sky Pass.

Those cards are: One of the best uses of Chase points has traditionally been in making transfers to United Mileage Plus.

As United devalued their award chart recently they are no longer the single most compelling transfer partner (though there are still some great uses of United miles).

Because the Mileage Plus program has been lucrative, the other transfer partners of Ultimate Rewards haven’t received as much attention, which has naturally led to many questioning if Ultimate Rewards cards are even worth it anymore.

I still think there is a of value to be found in Ultimate Rewards points, partly because they are so easy to accrue, and there actually some really interesting redemption options outside of United.

One of those is through Korean Air Sky Pass transfers.What makes Korean Air Sky Pass such a unique program is that they allow you to redeem miles for first class on Sky Team carriers, while those with Delta Sky Miles can redeem miles for business class at most.As a result, award availability in first class is typically The italics are important here, as Korean Air Sky Pass has different rules on award tickets based on whether you’re traveling exclusively on Korean Air, or traveling on a combination of Korean Air and their Sky Team partners.Korean Air has a horrible website in that you can’t link directly to a page of the site, since it all just shows as for the URL.That being said, if you go to and click on the “Sky Pass” tab, then “Redeem Miles,” and then “Award Tickets,” you’ll be brought to the Korean Air award chart.It’s worth noting that they do have a slight award chart change kicking in on April 1, 2014, though it’s nothing radical for US based travelers.