A barking mad dog lover shelled out a whopping £6,000 on a HEN PARTY for her pampered pet pooch .Helen Turner planned the bash - complete with a pink stretch limo, doggy cocktails and even a canine STRIPPER - after her chihuahua Chi Chi fell in love with her friend's pet pomeranian Harvey.

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"Harvey would never pay any attention to any of the other dogs, it was always all about Chi Chi.

"Harvey's owner lives in Bournemouth, so we only meet up a few times during the year - but it's always the same when they're reunited, they can't get enough of each other." Read more : Terminally ill dog's adopted owner creates bucket list that includes Mc Donald's and hot dates But while it may have started out as a joke, Helen and Harvey's owner soon began to take the idea of a doggy wedding more seriously.

The dog lovers saw it as a great opportunity to bring all their pooch pals together for a massive celebration - and decided to go ahead with the extravagant wedding.

Helen said: "I went all out with the hen party - I wanted to give Chi Chi a great send-off into married life.

"I hired a pink limousine to take Chi Chi and her girlfriends from my house to the salon I run, and I made the whole shop completely pink.

"There were pink balloons everywhere, L plates, two specially made doggy cakes - all the hen party traditions.

"I had a butler in the buff to serve the dogs smoked salmon canapes, and two waitresses dressed as flamingos to hand out doggy cocktails made from chicken stock.

Helen, who runs a dog grooming salon called Any Paw, now reckons the extravagant doggy wedding, set for this summer, will cost a staggering £20,000 - as much as the average lavish human wedding.

Helen, from Burnley, Lancs, said: "It all started as a bit of fun - a joke really.