The next thing I know she asks if she does a sexy dance for me would I return the favor. Joseph was finally allowed to join the fun after the two of us girls were done dancing, laughing, and making him squirm.What we did not know is she had a playmate with her, too.Her friend arrived about the time we let Joseph join me. If you chat with her and get lucky enough to meet her friend, you will understand why she was chasing me, not Joseph.

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By this morning we had multiple requests for more contact. You’ll have to wait until after our dinner for me to tell you the rest of the story. If you want to get laid or fulfill your sexual fantasy, the only thing stopping you is you.

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She was asking if she was really serious about sharing our bed, and it was not just “his fantasy”. The 3 who contacted me are all very attractive ladies ranging from 5 years younger than me to 10 years older. She told him about being “involved” with me, but she thought he looked quite handsome and distinguished. We will tell you how to find us once you have signed up and can view the profiles.

They are having coffee tomorrow to see if they like each other, I’m not “allowed” to be there. The rest of the contacts as you might guess were from guys. The older lady is drop dead gorgeous, SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL. The guys who contacted my girlfriend range from 20 years old all the way to 62 years old.

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