The distinction really comes into play when you start talking about Pre- and Post-Update scripts.

Before you proceed happily along, be aware that script location is a really big issue.

Remember how we said that CAU has two modes, the remote-updating and the self-updating modes, and that it was important to know the difference?

The first reason was that you couldn’t run the remote-updating from a cluster node.

You just enter the name and location of a Power Shell script in each of the fields.

The red border around the field indicates that it’s validating the input.

Interestingly, if you have an invalid script (by doing something like deleting the file later) and run Analyze cluster updating readiness from the main CAU screen, the applet will crash.It would be a little more helpful if it told you that the path was invalid, but I suppose you can’t have everything.In previous articles in this series, we started with the basics of Cluster-Aware Updating and then dove into the advanced options.Now we’re going to telescope those advanced features and work with the Pre- and Post- Update Script settings.These are extremely powerful but are very poorly documented.Part 2: Advanced Operators The fields themselves are deceptively easy to understand.