I thought there is plenty of interracial dating and marriages going on in Cali?Yoi know this past year in Harlem I came across this Socal chick, she is half Mexican from her father and half black from her mother, she was real cute, we spoke, I asked for her digits but she was not feeling, she had a Yoga book, probably on the Yuppie side of things like most female Transplants. Anyways, why can't people agree that Dominicans can come in many shades just like Americans, Cubans and Brazilians?Some of you users here are waaaaaay too race obsessed. You guys can is that there are: + MANY MANY Dominicans that look White + MANY MANY Dominicans that look Black + MANY MANY Dominicans that look Mulatto + MANY MANY Dominicans that look Native. It's also unfair to call Domicans black, when they are cleary a mix.

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You will be more lucky meet and date an outof town Mexican American who recently moved to Williamsburg vs a Puerto Rican guy who rarely dates black women unless he is open to it.

But I must say whatever Latino guy is gonna date you he will be lucky. But here in NYC mostly Dominican men will mess witj African American women, not much Puerto Ricans and Mexicans also a no no.

When you reverse your back in his face and he pulls down your jeans and two chocolate morsels pop out out like pa pow pa pow. Also try to venture into intelligentsia, hip areas of the city which you migjg run into an educated open minded latino man.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. R in the 1800s, they are no longer Hatians, they're Dominicans.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Are Spaniards that came to the DR in the 1600s still Spaniards?

No, they're is the interaccial dating in brooklyn??

I want to go to the CUNY school here and then transfer to FIT in manhatten if I like latino men, would it be hard to get one??

I am african american by the way i heard its very hard in LA (where I was going to move but now probably wont), they usually stick with their own kind and look down on us =( and the black people there are leaving to other parts of cali and down south so my dating life would be non existent What is your interest in Latino men in NYC?

As for interracial daring in Brooklyn their isbplenty of it from different cultural perspectives.

Since your a Transplant or an out of townernor Townie in hip areasbof Brooklyn their is plenty of interracial dating goinf on from white guys dating Asian women, to black guys with white women and again white guys with black women.