When Excite (later merged with @Home to become [email protected]) crashed at the end of the dot com boom, a group of former Excite employees acquired the rights to use the software and launched

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Some times when i click in the search bar when form is loading then the Hint Text does not get blank after loading completed. I have cleared all text then i have tried to enter text. This problem only occurs when the page is loading and i clicked in the search bar. When page is loaded completely the style of textbox will be set "watermark". Which is why, Java Script won't work until the page is completely loaded.

Even it allows to continue enter text after hint text. The problem should not return if you wait until the page is fully loaded (the spinner on tab disappears and the site's logo appears), before string to type.

You can see the text is append after Hint Text in the search bar in this screenshot. j Query generally does not run before the page was loaded completely (on DOM ready).

Virtual Places Chat is software that uses the paradigm that any web page on the Internet is a chat room – or Virtual Place – if one or more people are viewing the page with the VPchat program. When VPChat it is used there is a chat pane below the browser window in which the conversation text is displayed, below which is a box for entering text for the conversation.

These became popular in short bursts, particularly for users who disagreed with paying for the right to use a highly restricted chat service.

With time, VP Clones such as Voodoo Chat(Closed) became more developed, and started to compete with Halsoft.The cloned OSVP servers now have by far more chatters than Halsoft.To the right of the browser window is a list of people in the room.though eventually AOL abandoned it in favor of other chat programs.A likely factor in this decision was the problem of controlling the content of avatars, which can be a problem for a family oriented service.The service remained and drew at its peak tens of thousands of concurrent chatters at Excite.