Note that Hispanic names sometimes have weird characters, but for simplicity's sake I only used the standard alphabet, as many games only allow those characters. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. A Brief History of Fantasia’s Controversial ‘Sunfower’Note: All text in this post was taken from Jim Korkis’ stellar article, Whatever Happened to Little Sunflower? Disney fans abhor any form of retroactive censorship to Disney films, whether it is the removal of the cigarette from the mouth of Pecos Bill in Melody Time, the refusal to re-release Song of the South, or the changing of the lyrics to the peddler’s song in Aladdin.

The Disney artists were challenged with the task of creating these mythological creatures and having them move in a realistic fashion.

Male centaurs, creatures who were half-man and half-horse, had been illustrated for centuries for stories where they usually appeared as muscular stallions with chiseled Mediterranean faces.

To properly tell the tale, the Disney artists also needed to create a never-before-portrayed delicate female version that they dubbed “centaurettes,” the very first time that term was ever used.

Since 1969, she has been officially missing from the film’s theatrical re-releases and at one time, representatives of the Disney Studio even attempted to insist that the character never existed and that audiences were “misremembering” ever seeing her in the first place.

Sunflower appeared in the Pastoral Symphony segment of Fantasia.

The Pastoral Symphony takes place in its serene shadow of Mount Olympus and presents a story accompanied by the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony.In the Disney version, famous Grecian beings, like pegasi, satyrs, centaurs and cupids, leapt from the dusty pages of mythology books to flirt with the opposite sex, indulge in freshly made wine and to dance and play in the candy box colored Elysian Fields until prankish Zeus puts an end to the party.Birthday cake google history , Dept 56 a christmas story , Cheuvront family history genealogy , Black history tv , Chocolate factory history History of the bolt action rifle, History usa today , Rethinking black history month , The folded napkin a truckers story , Jonesboro storytelling . This hispanic name generator will generate either 10 male or female names depending on your choice.Both male and female versions share the same last names.Millions of different variations are possible, so you're bound to find one you like.