The Claudia Black Young Adult Center understands the enormous complexity of how the human brain functions in young adults.We utilize proven treatments to help regulate our patients during the healing process, allowing them to embrace long-term recovery.The Claudia Black Young Adult Center team introduces fun into recovery in order to resonate with young adults and to promote interdependence and competency allowing them to make informed choices.

In many cases, though, they are still closely connected to their parents or other caregivers.

For this reason, we have developed a customized approach to target this unique population.

Addictions, psychological trauma and certain mood disorders may surface during this time period in a person’s life and may be connected to the presence of a deregulated brain stem.

The Toni Morrison Society will make its twentieth "Bench by the Road" placement at the Schomburg Center.

The ceremony will feature Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison and President of the New York Public Library, Tony Marx.

The Bench by the Road Project was launched on February 18, 2006, on the occasion of Toni Morrison's 75th Birthday.

The goal of the Project is to create an outdoor museum that will mark important locations in African-American history-- both in the United States and abroad…In honor of the legendary DJ Larry Levan, guests at our third annual House Edition of First Fridays will jam all night long to house music!

Levan was a pioneer of house music in New York City, best known for his decade-long residency at the popular New York City nightclub Paradise Garage.

Levan’s cult followers refer to his hours-long sets as “Saturday Mass,” as he experimented with drum machines and synthesizers, popularizing an electronic, post-disco sound that launched the house music moveme…