This relationship article is about figuring out if the girl you're dating (or want to date) would make a good girlfriend.My friends and I have dated several different women over the years.

I'm sure everyone knows what type of girl I'm talking about. It can be really cool when a girl notices the little things and helps you out with them.

Ideally, your girlfriend should want to be with you because she likes you, not because of some insecurity or fear of being alone. She Makes You Feel Good It's amazing when you're woman buys you something unexpected. When a girl notices the little things, that's an awesome quality! A woman who makes you look good when you're out together is a rare find.

You Like Going Out With Her This means that she gets along with your friends. When you go out with her, do you feel embarrassed to be seen with her? If she makes you look good in front of your superiors or at parties, that's huge.

Men are usually more attracted to a woman's looks while a woman is often attracted to a guy's behaviour and how he carries himself.

If you're thinking of having a girlfriend, she has to be beautiful to you.

It doesn't matter what other people think, as long as YOU find her attractive.If you're only going to be seeing one girl she has to capture your interest with her looks.She Has Her Own Goals It's really awesome when you date a girl who has her own life.This doesn't mean that she ignores you for her goals.All that it means is that she's not the clingy type.She doesn't get super pissed if you don't call her or call you 50 times when you're out with your friends.