Alongside a photograph of Sandi, James's online advert read: 'My Yiddishe Momma For Sale: Beautiful, Great Cook - educated, Articulate, Family Focused, Caring, Priceless.' James had no idea that his ad would hit the headlines of newspapers around the world.

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The last one I went on was such a disaster I went back to celibacy.

But then, that gave me something in common with Sandi.

She'd had a few dating misadventures along the way, too, before allowing her son to cast the net a little wider. Lovely big brown eyes and, as I learn later, a wonderfully big heart.

Over the years, I've been on blind dates with all sorts of women from all sorts of religious and ethnic backgrounds. But Sandi Firth, from Leeds, is definitely my first 63-year-old Jewish grandmother of four.

Small wonder, then, that when we first meet and exchange polite pecks on the cheek I'm wondering: 'What's a nice Jewish granny like you doing having a hot date with a nice, 55-year-old Jewish boy like me?

' I blame her son James Doyan, 38, a management consultant from North London.Last Wednesday he was putting an old kitchen table on e Bay to sell, when he suddenly decided to put his mum up for auction as well.As a single man, I had nothing to lose - and potentially a lot to win.What man, Jewish or otherwise, wouldn't want a 'caring', 'attractive', 'good cook' at home. In my experience, they have usually discarded the self-obsessions of youth.And judging by the photograph, Sandi was one good-looking granny.I admit I'd recently vowed to give up on blind dates.