True, but suppose your laptop got stolen (this has happened to me recently) or someone broke into your home and stole your computer.You'll probably be glad you set a password (or if you're like me, also use encryption).Why make it super easy for a thief or hacker to get into your PC?

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I always set a password (I'm amazed at how many general end users do not even set a password on their PC) and disable or do not use Autologon.

Besides, always having to type your password makes it less likely that you will forget the password.

Here comes the "but this is my home computer and windows passwords are easy to hack/crack" argument.

I setup my Windows 7 to automatically log into my account at home.

I have a password set so that I can access it remotely. This should display the User Accounts screen in Windows 7.

It seems like this was a feature in control panel somewhere, but now I can't find it to turn if off. but it appears they changed it for Windows 7 Press Windows R. Select the user account in the main table and uncheck the “ You can use Tweak UI or Sysinternals Autologon.

I know I used to use Tweak UI in older versions of windows to do this, and before that I could edit the registry . For Windows x64, a company called Neo Smart developed a 64bit version of Tweak UI that basically looks and behaves pretty much exactly like Microsoft's Tweak UI.

Also, Microsoft now owns Sysinternals, which they puchased from the developer Mark Russinovich a while back.

I tested Sysinternals Autologon (released Nov 1, 2006) on Windows 7 and it worked fine for me.