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Since entering the world stage in 1996 Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura have recorded over ten CDs, toured in both Asia and North America, done countless TV appearances and commercials and have established an international fan base.

(Read more at Puffy Biography.) Yumi Yoshimura Announces Pregnancy From Puffy Ami Yumi's official website April 1st, 2012: "I have a personal announcement to share with everyone. I'm a little worried since everything is still so new to me but there's so much to look forward to that everyday is very fulfilling.

As for work during this period, I will be consulting Ami and the staff to balance and work as much as I can, so please keep supporting us." - Yumi Yoshimura New Puffy Anniversary Album: "Thank You" Fifteen years later...

Puffy are still going strong with their latest anniversary album, "Thank You", including a twelve show tour of Japan from April 2 to May 15.

The limited edition includes a bonus (region-2 encoded) DVD featuring 17 music videos including "Hajimari no Uta" and "Happy Birthday".

July 11 (Sat) FUKUOKA IMZ Hall July 12 (Sun) HIROSHIMA Club Quattro July 14 (Tue) OSAKA Namba Hatch July 15 (Wed) NAGOYA Diamond Hall July 17 (Fri) FUKUI Hibiki Hall July 19 (Sun) SHIBUYA C. Lemon Hall July 23 (Thur) NAGANO Tomi City Cultural Hall Sun Terrace Hall Bring It! - Updates to Puffy Ami Yumi World - 2009 January - We made Yumi a Birthday Card.

So far no word on a US tour :( If you are in Japan during July then here you go: PUFFY TOUR 2009 Bring it! Note: A My Space account is now required to join because of spamming issues.

They will be doing a July tour of Japan to support it. Talk with fellow Puffy fans and make some new (or discover some old) friends.

The regular edition's cover art shows Yumi protecting Ami from a stream of water with an umbrella. Yumi was good enough to pose with the CD backstage while doing some Mc-ing for Live Factory's gig at Zepp Tokyo. " was released on June 17th (in addition to their March 25th cover album). (Post your comment about this news update.) Puffy Ami Yumi World Forum: Come join the forum dedicated to discussing all things Puffy Ami Yumi.