Amanda Bynes has admitted to having a nose job in the past to fix the end of her nose.

So he exited the interview quickly and went running after her. Amanda’s done an episode of Family Guy, so that’s probably where they met.

Yes, Seth may have it going on with other aspects of his life.

Seth Mac Farlane (2008)- Known for his work as a screenwriter, singer, actor and director, Seth Mac Farlane met Amanda when Bynes performed the voice of a character on his series, Family Guy. Doug Reinhardt (2008-2009)- Doug Reinhardt became famous for his role on the reality show, The Hills.

He and Bynes went to a Lakers game in December of 2008, but broke up one month later in January of 2009.

Despite her busy schedule, she managed to graduate from Thousand Oaks High School in 2004.

To graduate on-time, she utilized an independent study program. As a child, they taught her both religions and gave her the option of choosing one day.Amanda identifies slightly as Jewish, but says she is more spiritual than she actually is religious in any way.creator, 34, was spotted joined at the hip with Amanda Bynes, 22, at the Fox summer press tour event in Santa Monica. ’s Kristin Veitch seems unsure as to whether the duo is dating, but another blogger at the event had this to say: Seth is normally accessible at these functions.But after only a couple of minutes — literally because I have the timer recording to prove it — Amanda was having none of it.She walked away from his side and started strolling the party without him.Seth smiled, apologized and announced his date was getting away from him. I’d rather see him with Amanda than with Paris Hilton or some shit.