a White & Red Felt hat (one is stamped "Union Made in U. A.") in a leather hat box from the roaring Twenties era."Farmer Profit Note for the Rural States of America As You Farm Ask Us Series 1971 Standard Farm Motor Oils and Lubricants The American Oil Company Chicago", "S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Motor Oil Dollars" Genuine Rubber note.1907 "Agent's Stub Not Good For Passage Issued by Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Rail Way Minneapolis & St. At the time a 1793 Chain Large Cent was worth $40.00."S. Includes Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, & Yugoslavia. Holiday Inn Advertising Balsa Wood Airplane; leather Coin Wallet with mirror and several Foreign Coins; Whiskey Bottle with leather holder; Whiskey Bottle in cloth holder with shot glasses; "Credit Union" Deck of Playing cards; Hangar with hooks from "Quinton's"; Auto Visor clip on Mirror; "Fifth Avenue Pinocle Playing Cards"; Key; miniature pencil; & a group of antique Needles.(2) Boxes of Parade Colored Sparklers (maybe too old to work); 25c Advertising mirror; (2) Rattle Snake Tail rattles; .22 caliber Short cartridge; & (7) Mint Sheets of .13c U. New York 1984 Olympics Pinback; key; Leather Post Card "A base hit in Venice Cal."; "Minnesota Dry Ginger Ale Albert Lea Bottling Works" mint condition Bottle label (used during Prohibition era); 1928 S Good & 41 D EF Walking Liberty Half Dollars.1789 "In Memory of the Good Old Days" Great Britain Half Guinea Counter of George III in a Gold foil box labeled "Alphabet"; Rich Rollins & Denis Menke Advertising Baseball metal caps; several book marks including "America the Beautiful Quarter Program"; Iowa Pet Papers folder; (3) Souvenir Foreign Banknote Cards; & several blank envelopes.autographed "John Watham"Catcher 1981 Fleer & 1981 Topps Autographed "Mike Boddicker Pitcher" Baseball Cards; "Welcome C. of A." label; an original letter from Alan Feinstein and Associates "Special Report on Foreign Currency". King Nicholas of Montenegro Nebo Cigarettes" Silkie; & a large 1912 Russia 500 Rouble Banknote, U. All catalogued with KM #, size, mintage if given, & value. KM value $35.10.(20) World Coins in a plastic page. Blue Ribbon Badge from "Maytag" stating "Moms Prefer to Serve Maytag Baked Cookies Maytag Makes it Best!

King Nicholas of Montenegro Nebo Cigarettes" Silkie; "The Union Pacific Tea Co. Size 8 Men's Stetson Western Style Felt Hat in original box & a large group of at least (20) 1939 era Advertising Cards "Step Out with Stetson International Colors Neff Clothing Co. A.""North Broad Street Select School for Young Men and Boys, Philadelphia; Press of Franklin Printing House, 38 Hudson Street.

Rock Island, Illinois" Bottle Labels; (1) "Blackhawk Standard Root Beer Mfd. Rock Island, Illinois" Bottle Labels & 1942 P Walking Liberty Half dollar, Toned EF.

Rock Island, Illinois" Bottle Labels; (1) "Blackhawk Standard Root Beer Mfd. Rock Island, Illinois" Bottle Labels & 1942 P Walking Liberty Half dollar, EF.(4) Different design "Blackhawk Ginger Ale Carse & Ohlweiler Co.

Littleton Coin Library Deluxe Album "United States Type", Used. Series of 1902 "2 1/2 Ounces Snuff United States Act of April 12, 1902" Stamp, "Depicts Seward"; pair of old "Reward of Merit, Presented by .. Includes South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Taiwan, Thailand, Vatican City. All catalogued with KM #, size, mintage if given, & value. Philip Mountbatten'.1921 Airmail Cover 'Jose Rodrigues Netto Importacion-Exportacion Representaciones' Buenos Aires Argentina; Mini-sheet 'Canadian International Philatelic Exhibition' containing (8) Mint .13c Stamps; 1947 Stamped Cover from Micaragua with 1846-1946 Centennial Stamps; 1946 Souvenir Cover Niue Peace Stamps; 1874-1949 "Frimaerke Nyt" First day cover no.20 Denmark; 1950 Cover 'Amalienborg The Royal Palace'"Frimaerke Nyt" First day cover no.21 Denmark; "Roumanian Day Offiicial Cover 1933 A Century of Progress Chicago Sept. " has a plastic Chocolate Chip Cookie attached; plastic tray with a large assortment of business cards, show advertising cards, etc.; Buttons, Pinback screws for military badges and etc.

Includes 1943 P Silver WW II Nickel, VF, 1974 S Proof Jefferson Nickel, 1963 D BU & 74 S Proof Roosevelt Dimes, 1964 D BU,74 S Proof, & 76 P BU Washington1920 era "Iowa Maid Brand Charles Hewitt & Sons Co. Can you imagine what it would have been like to ride the train back then??? For Mutual Defense" designed like a shield; (3) Admission Tickets "Wrestling P. Ottumwa Coliseum Ringside $1.50"; & "Buck Jones Air Rifle Contest Oct. 22, 1935 Community Theatre Mc Clelland, Iowa" Tickets."1882 Spring Meeting Council Bluffs Driving Park and Fair Association, Council Bluffs, Iowa, May 30, 31 June 1st $1000.00 for Hose Racing and Handicap Foot Races", interesting advertising card; & 1922 S U. Teacher." cards; & an advertising card "Holsman Automobiles Four Years of Success The Automobile without Automobile Troubles... Includes Austria, Brazil, Caribbean Territories, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, & France. Wooden Coin Sorting case in rough condition with sliding door containinga huge assortment of Brazilian Coins, many of which are in high grade and including denominations up to 400 Reis Coins and a quick look shows coins dating back to 1923, including some cud mint errors and etc.

Des Moines" Labels; Iowa 2004 P & D Quarter Set in official U. Mint holder; Original booklet of "United Security Cheques"; group of unused "Bicycle Driver License"; & a bracelet made of enameled Copper leaves. 1959 era "United States Rare Coin Value Guide Des Moines Coin & Stamp Publishing Co. July, 1919 "Patriotic Selections for Patriotic Anniversaries and other Patriotic Meetings Woman's Relief Corps Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic" Booklet; paper label "From U. South Omaha, Neb."Post card depicting Soldiers performing Clean Up titled "The Beauty Shop"; "Factory No. KM value .15.(20) World Coins in a plastic page. advertising and envelopes; & 1947 First Day of Issue from Alexandira-Vic-Australia '20th November Coinciding with the occasion of the marriage of H. It appears this case was used about World War II era in Brazil to make change at flea markets.

After you buy Lot 105 and have your tickets, you will need a nice hat to wear, so here they are. Station Stamped on Back to FORT DODGE, Iowa via ANGUS."; & 1907 P Barber Dime & Quarter.1893 "Agent's Stub Not Good For Passage Issued by Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Rail Way Minneapolis & St. Box 1064 Des Moines, Iowa", very Rare Paper Back booklet, which sold for .65c originally. America's Finest" Original box with a large group of Carded Abalone buttons with black outer edges, not sure whether they are actually shells or not. All catalogued with KM #, size, mintage if given, & value. Well over two hundred coins included.2005 P Cent, Unc; (3) 1943 Steel WW II Cents; (41) Lincoln 'Wheat' Cents including a 1909 P & P VDB; (7) Buffalo Nickels dating back to 1918; (4) Liberty Nickels; (2) Blanks; 1941 P Nickel AU; (3) Silver Roosevelt Dimes; 1867 Shield Nickel; 1928 P & 41 D EF-AU Mercury Dimes; (3) Barber & (1) 1857 Arrows U. Seated Liberty Dimes; 1941 P EF, 65 P & 68 D Washington Quarters BU; 1926 S & 28 P Standing Liberty Quarters; & 1865 Civil War Two Cent Piece. Dance Theater Stamps (43.68 face value) This group cannot be shipped due to the nature of the contents.

All catalogued with KM #, size, mintage if given, & value.

Includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Columbia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, & Ecuador. KM value .25.(20) World Coins in a plastic page.

Interesting old Stamped Cover to the so-called 'Haunted' Hospital, it has the two different TABROMIK-Aero-targ-POZNAN-1921-air-show-airplane (Poster/Stamp/Label) from Poland in 25m & 100m denominations addressed to "Walter Rojewski/Greenpoint Hospital/Brooklyn, N. All catalogued with KM #, size, mintage if given, & value.

Cedar Rapids, Ia." Check (ticket redeemable only at the store); & 1910 Russia 100 Rubles, Catherine II at left on back, Pick # 13."Nebo Cigarettes Factory No. Quality Clothing Atlantic, Iowa", which 'Doc' was selling at .00 each. 1877", Lists Patrons, Educators, and Students for 1877-1878. The reverse depicts the school with a horse drawn trolley car in front.(20) World Coins in a plastic page.