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In other words, the woman is a temporary lover of the man.

It’s the whole Cougar phenomenon that’s going on right now, in most cases.

But to say if this is your situation or not, I would need more information.

If this is one of those rare instances where a young man and older woman are getting together for a serious relationship, or marriage, the major obstacles I see between you two individuals is knowing if the level of maturity is similar.

If not, you may spend time being more of a surrogate mother than anything else to this man.

Also, the fertility factor comes into play so if you’re with a young whipper snapper thats thinking about going the distance with you, he may want to have children with you, which may become a serious issue if you had children and don’t desire to have anymore, or never really desired to have any.

Another minor issue may be dealing with others opinions. You and him have to know if you both can take the heat from family, friends, community, and haters.

For whatever reason, adolescence appears to be the young man's default.

When is the age gap with an older woman and younger man, too large for it to be realistic for them to think about marriage?