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But if you are dealing with insecurities that are merely annoying, here are five questions to ask yourself: 1. It never hurts to examine your own behavior in search of emotional land mines you may be unwittingly placing in your partner’s path.

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People who do not struggle with insecurity are often unaware how little it takes to trigger an avalanche of doubt in one who does — and may inadvertently make things worse with thoughtless words and actions.

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Do you routinely fail to deliver on simple promises, like when you’ll call?

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Does your idea of good-natured humor sometimes include poking fun at your partner in public?

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This fear — which takes the form of jealousy or clinginess — is generally a reflexive response to emotional trauma in past relationships, including with parents, siblings, and former lovers.

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Old wounds prevent one from feeling secure in the present, in spite of contrary evidence.